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‘Contrariwise,’ continued Tweedledee…

August 5, 2008


Book lovers have taken their devotion to a new level:







These photos came from this site. Check it out, it’s pretty cool. It’s interesting to see what lines and images have impacted people enough that they decided to inscribe them on their bodies forever. I’m glad to see multiple appearances of Le Petit Prince, The Lorax and The Giving Tree. There are also quite a few lines (“and so it goes” is especially popular) from Kurt Vonnegut’s works, a couple from Peter Pan, a couple from Sylvia Plath, a couple from Harry Potter. A good handful of the tattoos are song lyrics, which I guess you can argue are literary… though I would strongly hesitate to say that Nine Inch Nails are on par with Dickens. 

If I were to get a literary tattoo, what would it be? Hard to say, since I hate tattoos. But if, IF… perhaps an Alice, one by Tenniel, the original illustrator. Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” was revolutionary in many ways, including the fact that it was one of the first books for children that wasn’t didactic. It’s creative, smart, enormously entertaining (and dark, at times), and is one of my favorites. 

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