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Fallen for “Fallen” – what to read after “Twilight”

November 22, 2009

Strange and menacing shadows have haunted seventeen-year-old Luce since she was young, slinking around corners and circling overhead whenever she was near forests, water, dark places. But they never issued a tangible threat until one fateful night involving the mysterious fire and suspicious death of her boyfriend. Luce was there but can’t remember anything from that night – at least, not anything the police would believe – and after a summer full of hate mail and death threats, Luce’s parents pack her off to Sword & Cross reform school.

There, Luce is instantly drawn to Daniel, a fellow student, with the strange but persistent feeling that she knows him from somewhere. But Luce can’t figure out if Daniel, one minute flipping her off and the next asking her to ditch school for a swim in the lake together, hates her or likes her. Luce also catches the eye of the charming and generous Cam and finds herself caught in a bizarre love triangle. Meanwhile, the shadows are growing more frightening and bold than ever before, and Luce begins seeing strange things when she’s with Daniel – glowing violet lights, lake water shimmering around the outline of wings. . .

Luce and her newfound friend Penn begin to search the school records and library to discover more about Daniel’s past, which is inextricably wrapped up in Luce’s own. What Luce finds out, little by little, will change her life – and the world.

Romance, myth, betrayal, danger, a battle between good and evil. . . when the book ends, readers, like Luce, have just glimpsed the surface of the mystery. Readers will likely figure out a key secret a step or two before Luce, but are still left with a satisfactory amount of unsolved questions at the end, anticipating the next book in the series, Torment (Sept. 2010).

Twilight fans will love the forbidden love, supernatural beings, and beautiful and tormented men of Fallen. Fallen‘s love story isn’t as charged as Twilight‘s, which fans might miss, but for which I am thankful (yes, Daniel and Cam are both handsome, but we don’t have to hear Luce swooning over their perfect bodies, golden eyes, stone cold muscles and dazzling smiles every other sentence). There’s something here for non-Twilight fans as well, who will appreciate Luce, a stronger character than Bella, who begins with a compelling history that only gets better, swims better than any guy, is smart, and cares deeply for her female friends.

And, of course, adult lovers of YA will find something to enjoy as well (the only thing I didn’t like was the high school’s 30-page and 15-page paper assignments. Really? That’s what you do in college). It’s a quick and entertaining read that leaves you with an interesting plot to mull over until the next book comes out. Have you read it? What did you think?

♦Full disclosure: I requested and received an Advance Review Copy of Fallen from Delacorte Press

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  1. January 6, 2010 3:10 pm

    it’s good to hear that luce is a stronger heroine than bella (then again, it doesn’t take much!). i’m definitely going to check this book out, esp. since angels are the new vampires, and obvs i need to be as hip in my reading as possible.

    also, thanks for stopping by FYA!

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