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Twilight news: New Eclipse trailer, free book download, college course

April 26, 2010

A roundup of Twilight saga items:

New Eclipse trailer (movie releases June 30):


Twihards should be happy to learn that not only has Stephenie Meyer has written a novella from the point of view of Bree Tanner, one of the newborn vampires in Eclipse, but the book will be available for free download to read for free online from June 7 – July 5.


According to the Telegraph,

Sales of Wuthering Heights […] have quadrupled over the last year thanks to its appearance in the cult teenage film Twilight.

(US)                                             (UK)

Last year, HarperCollins reissued these versions of Wuthering Heights with Twilight-esque fonts, imagery, phrases (notice their similarity to the forthcoming The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner). I thought this was a brilliant marketing decision. While it’s a bit of a shame, on one hand, that readers might only be swayed to pick up this classic based on its proclamation of “Bella and Edward’s favorite book”, why not capitalize on Twilight‘s enormous success to introduce readers to other works (and sell more books…). But if it gets people reading, I’m all for it.


Twilight for academics:

I am a huge fan of Seduced by Twilight, run by Dr. Natalie Wilson of California State University – San Marcos. She’s announced that not only is she teaching a Twilight course next fall, but she plans to make the blog part of the class and post discussions and assignments for “virtual students”. The course, which will examine Twilight in popular culture as well as the texts themselves, will no doubt be fantastic. I wish I could take it in person but plan to participate as much as I can via the web. Don’t forget to bookmark the blog, and I’ll see you there!

Via GalleyCat: As reported in the Guardian, Dr. Sam George of The University of Hertfordshire is launching a Masters degree program in vampire lit this September. A bit of a narrow degree? Yes. Fun? YES.


Have I missed any Twilight news?

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